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Website Development

ITXL provides all you need under one roof turning any concept, idea or innovation into development from the foundation up or we can revamp an existing site bringing it fully up-to-date.

Up to date for 2014»2016 means it HAS to be device ready and responsive (responsive» the site will change size according to the browser size and/or device).

It is so important that you have a device friendly and responsive website because quite simply put, for the largest part everyone is using devices these days, they may have their desktop/laptop as well but your customers will predominantly be using devices for surfing most of the time. Turned into a statistic we are probably looking at an 90%+ surf from a device! Real stats say 65%+ but I believe its much higher at the time I am writing this, 20th Oct 2014...

The point is, how does this affect what your trying to achieve... owning a device unfriendly website mean your business will fail... it is catastrophic!!

Let ITXL deliver this update for you professionally and timely and in budget without error or any stress or problems. *we can take a deposit and monthly payments if it helps you! simply email ian@itxl.co.uk to take care of that for you.

We can assist you with domain registration, host your domain on our VIP servers, and design and develop your website to your requirement, or we can offer advice for various formats or concepts.

Make that first contact now and move forwards with ITXL with a no obligation free quote! take advantage of all the wealth of skill and experience our company has to offer, we dedicate to your business and become an indispensible part of your team being on call and available between 9>9 daily.

» We offer Managed Dedicated Servers for your business or you can Host With ITXL on one of our fast, secure VIP Servers!

Video Production

» Go to our main video production website itxl.tv here...

If you have a serious website then a properly produced video is absolutely essential! Its really that simple.
A video in your website lets customers know your message, it assists in your rankings for multiple prime keywords which can work in days as opposed to long drawn out Search Engine Optimisation that can take months to have any effect, video is the media that everyone enjoys, shares and talks about because you don't have to read large pages of text, you get to the point very quickly and it's lightening in holding attention and focus on what you want to tell the world.

ITXL.tv offers truly expert experience and production, we operate a variety of camera's, hardware and accesories and have been editing with various top level technologies for over 20 years... we give our customers expertise in the right direction for their video project. No matter how big or small.

Video for websites is so important that we have our own in-house team that is ready to create your bespoke video right now... don't worry about costs - our fee's are the lowest in the business being beyond competitive and our video's simply delight... Check here for our latest special offerrs and packages, contact us via a call, skype our contact page or email.


Our elite team of coders are at your service, we quickly identify what needs to be done providing a solution without fuss; we stick to basic, uncomplicated principals whenever possible and adopt complicated procedures only where nothing else works in order to keep costs to a minimum.
In all our years of coding, we have never said “no we can’t” - our ethos being that we will find a way to achieve the needs of the customer. We have provided custom code for 1000s of projects and also assist other coders through the forums and as friends to assist in problems, fixes and tasks. We are well known in the industry. So whatever you might need, be it ecommerce, custom programming, bespoke design, something unique, a new venture, or just something simple, we are the dedicated team to get your business moving forwards and are excited to help.

» Programming Code that we can use in various developments


  • All sites we build contain basic SEO to get you ranked in the search engines
  • We offer extensive advanced SEO and marketing services including video
  • All sites are WP3 compliant and work on multi-screen sizes - we also code for mobile devices
  • All sites are security compliant and if hosted on ITXL's servers they are PCI certified


We deliver proven and exceptional software development results and can deliver custom and bespoke software applications, games, platforms and anything you need with easy to understand back end control. We have the pedigree, expertise and technical ability to deliver your software on time and on favourable terms.
We very much welcome discussion on your project and will be delighted to quote for you.

Some software examples include:

  • A comprehensive design suite for customers to design and order PVC Banners online
  • A pool game with design customisation and comprehensive playability for websites with multiplayer functionality
  • URL Shortening Application
  • Custom GMaps Applications
  • Bespoke restaurant kitchen on screen display system
  • Touch screen ordering system


ITXL delivers fully customizable and powerful eCommerce Shopping Cart Solutions, we use comprehensive techniques and when coupled with our vast experience to enhance what will work best for you; ITXL can develop your ecommerce business and if required continue in long term support.
We set up advanced e-commerce platforms that meet not only your customers' requirements but also surpass your own expectations of ecommerce services; we have been involved in online sales since the begining and there is nothing worth knowing that we don't know!

Our ecommerce portal development program includes database driven product catalog, product search, order management, user accounts & statistics and host of other features which include plugins and custom code.
We provide all checkout options for you, from cards to PayPal and Google checkout, our ecommerce development services can also facilitate the transfer of information between a payment portal and the processor. We've can add this integration successfully for ecommerce websites, mobiles & IVRs and can provide secure payment integration services for all gateways.

Some of our ecommerce wesites include: » optimabatteries.co.uk | » ricoeurope.com» saffronbynipra.com  |  » strattontandoori.com


As professional designers with many years experience of technical design and illustration skills in many areas we are able to offer a multitude of design services far beyond expectations, please check a sample of our » design services here, we own thousands of stock images and have a vast array of styles, templates or can quickly innovate new ideas to suite your needs, we also have over 300 dedicated artists on our books who enable us to offer highly specialised design to meet ultra high expectations in any given genre.


» Registering a domain name, though not difficult, is not child's play - it is a most confidential property that must not be in the hands of someone in a "part time" or amateur capacity, it is essential that the property and details are recorded properly and stored in a secure environment...

White label

Are you a designer, illustrator, printer, IT professional or want to utilise our services for your clients or other venture?
We can work for your brand with complete confidentiality... basically, ITXL can work undercover for your own brand and do all the hard work for a fee only, we leave the accolade to you so that your business can thrive untainted without other branding interfering in your business model.

We can offer you our services, in fact ITXL is the backbone to many individuals and companies; we are able to swiftly support deeper programming or other more complex demands.

Any preferences for the way that you want to work with us is fine and your confidentiality is guaranteed. Our team and any sub-contractor who ever might work for ITXL is always tied to our comprehensive NDA,